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We offer high quality fishingtrips fram the beautiful island Fedje , just 2 hours travel from Bergen.

Join us for deep sea angling from our 38 feet boat. Maximum 8 guests onboard split fishing time. Captain and deck hand will give you a day to remember fishing the deep waters around Fedje. We provide all gear such as:Fishing suits to keep you safe and warm. Fishing gear, rod-reel as well as tackle and bait. Boxes with ice to keep the catch fresh . No fishing experience needed. You bring your fish back home frozen next day if you want to. Allowance 20 kgs of filet/person for export. We have a nice private house with 5 bedrooms, 13 beds. Cosy living room and large dining room and good kitchen where you/we cook the catch of the day. You can even pull some crab-pots from shallow water and enjoy the freshest seafood in the world boiled at the seahouse.

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